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Japanese Resources Designed to Empower Students

Students no longer expect to learn in a linear fashion. They want to skip ahead to aspects of the culture that interest them, access phrases they want to use right now, or read text with furigana support before they have fully mastered the scripts. The Jblog textbook series encourages and facilitates this, engaging students from the start.

Why Choose Jblog Textbooks

Our Textbooks

Jblog is a series of textbooks specifically designed to engage, enrich and empower students in their learning of the Japanese language and culture.

We provide classroom-tested high quality educational resources

We are driven by the philosophy of わびさび, the concept that nothing is ever finished, nothing ever lasts and nothing is ever perfect. As such we are committed to constantly evolving and updating our resources to reflect the inevitable changes in Japanese society, the Australian educational direction and the students who enrich our classrooms.

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